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Why we do what we do....

About Us

The All Natural Soap Company aka All Natural Soap Co. was created in 2012. Soap making was always something Hilary wanted to try. She suffers from an autoimmune disorder that is aggravated by certain synthetic ingredients and detergents. Additionally, her husband has eczema that is triggered by certain products as well. During Hilary's first ever batch of soap she had a light-bulb moment and she immediately knew that this was her passion, and what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She spent two years testing and tweaking formulas before landing on her best selling Luxury Bars. 
The All Natural Soap Company is run by Hilary's family of 4 with Hilary being chief cook and bottle washer. Everyone has their roles and are there to help whenever needed. Hilary met her husband Marc in the ninth grade, and they were married in 1991. They have 2 sons, an English Mastiff named Ruby, and a rescue cat that goes by the name Winston. She grew up in Port Elgin, and then relocated to Walkerton in 2003. She is so thrilled to be able to help bring these products to her community. 
All of our products are Health Canada Compliant. Product Safety is our #1 concern. We follow many of the European guidelines as they are stricter and offer safer practices than Canada's current guidelines. There are far too many unsafe products on the market, whether it be inadequate preservation systems, unskilled makers or fly-by-nighters who are out for no more than a quick dollar. We spend around two years researching, developing and tweaking EVERY product before it hits our shelves. We use natural products wherever possible. Product safety MUST come before label appeal. 

Our Mission

Our mission really is quite simple - To provide our customers with as natural as possible bath and body products that are safe. We're out to prove that you don't need toxic chemicals to make effective and nurturing body products and we're succeeding!